Schools In For Summer!

It's been a while since we posted any updates but that doesn't mean we haven't been busy battling on the front lines of urban food security. The big news is we have been in talks with Murarrie State School and they have granted us a very generous amount of space to build a farmlette in the school grounds. This opens up the chance to engage the kids with our growing operation and hopefully educate and inspire a few young minds.

We have also been busy chook-proofing and planting out our backyards, with two yards currently growing veges and a few other backyards under consideration.

Over the next few weeks we will be transforming a decent sized chunk of Murarrie State Primary School into a vege plot, complete with a large nursery shadehouse that has been donated by the school. Once up and running, this plot will likely be the backbone of the Forkhay Operation and provide a much larger space than the backyard plots for growing all manner of weird and wonderful vege. The school currently has two Scottish Highland Cows (Hamish and Andy) and a herd of chooks that are allowed to free range the school grounds and roam among the kids so it is the perfect place for us to begin teaching kids about organic farming.

Due to a growing number of people getting in touch about volunteering, we have decided to host an outdoor movie and pizza night in a few weeks time to give everybody a chance to come together and meet up. For those interested in learning more about the project and having a casual evening of woodfired pizza and movie watching while sitting out in the garden on hay bales, please come along to this free event down at the Beelarong Community Farm on Sunday the 9th of October at about 5:00pm (facebook link here). Film yet to be announced, however it will most likely be a farming/gardening related documentary.

After a relatively slow paced start to the project and some initial difficulty finding backyards, the change of season brought a sudden surge of offers and it looks like the beginnings of a crazy spring/summer!

Lets Grow Brissie!

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