The Revolution Has Begun!

Forkhay City Farms is alive!

The Forkhay City Farms website, facebook page and instagram account is now up and running and we are open for business!

We recently held a working bee to set up our very first backyard farmlette in Hood St, Bulimba and it was a roaring success. Thanks to Brett, Katie and the kids for allowing us to build a vegetable garden in their backard, hopefully we will be harvesting some delicious food from it in a few months time. The roughly 20 sq. metre bed was prepared in no time thanks to our amazing volunteers Gavin, Linda, Brett, Millie, Oscar, George and Alfie (the dog) who joined forces with Ben and I for the day. The bed was forked up, edged with sleepers, supplemented with a few cubic metres of mushroom compost and a special soil blend containing manure, blood and bone, lime and rock dust and covered in sugar cane mulch to bed in for a few weeks before we begin to green manure it. Although the bed is relatively small and not ideal for growing (bit shady, rocky clay soil) it is a great start and will be a good test to see whether we can make it work.

Just seeing the kids digging around in the dirt and wanting to get in on the action was really inspiring and giving them the chance to see the process of building a garden and starting to grow food is exactly what this project is about.

[Photo credits Linda Rylands]

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