You realise that mowing your lawn is a lot of hard work and decide that using it to grow fresh organic fruit and vegetables is a much smarter idea.

The Forkhay City Farms team comes in and talks with you about how much space you would like to convert to growing space (as much or as little as you like) and ensures that the space will be suitable. No area is too big or too small, it just needs to receive some sunlight throughout the day and not be full of asbestos or lead.

What is Forkhay City Farms?​

Forkhay City Farms is an exciting new not-for-profit, backyard-based urban farming project kicking off in the Bulimba/Balmoral/Hawthorne/Morningside area of Brisbane.

We are aiming to grow fruit and vegetables in a range of backyards and vacant urban spaces without chemicals, embracing the concept of regenerative agriculture.

Our intention is to make the fresh produce available to local residents by delivery or pickup in exchange for a non-compulsory donation. Once we have some produce to distribute we will be setting up an online shop on this website to display what we have available.

Reducing food miles (distance food travels from paddock to plate)

Educating the community about environmentally sustainable agriculture

Improving our urban food security 

Our Purpose​

We believe that our food system is desperately in need of an overhaul. Superfarms, supermarkets and large scale distribution networks are strangling the smaller family owned farms and we are paying cheaper prices than ever for produce but at a great cost to the environment and our health.


At the same time, backyard vegetable gardens in urban areas have given way to manicured lawns and ornamental shrubs. Most city dwellers are increasingly disconnected from their food and our kids are rarely given to the chance to see where their food really comes from.

We want to challenge the system by demonstrating that a decentralised, grassroots urban farming initiative can be a viable source of food for local residents and hopefully encourage young people to consider a career in regenerative agriculture.

Improving access to fresh chemical-free food


How It Works

We organise a working bee when it suits you and bring in all the materials to build the beds free of charge, you pay absolutely nothing. Our team will do all the work, however you are welcome to get involved as much as you feel you can. A liability waiver will be signed by anybody that enters your property completely protecting you from any potential legal issues if an accident was to occur.

If the soil is poor, we may need to do some remediation by adding compost and trace elements and seeding it with green manure to introduce some life. Once the soil is ready to grow in, we will sit down and work out what you like to eat and plan our crops to suit your preferences. 

Then we plant.

All the watering, weeding, seeding, mulching, digging, netting and harvesting is done by us (watering is quite theraputic, you may want to do this yourself!). Depending on the size of the plot, we may decide to install drip lines to allow for automatic watering. We expect you to pay for the cost of the water, however we will attempt to minimise usage by looking at rainwater capture drums or tanks where possible.

As your farmlette begins to flourish, we will split the produce up and give a portion to you, the yard owner, and take a portion for Forkhay City Farms to distribute to the local community. The amount of produce you will receive will depend on the size of the plot and how much you are able to be involved in the maintenance of it. As a general rule, we will take half and give the other half to you.

You feel great because you are eating nutricious healthy food, helping the planet, connecting with the local community and getting fantastic organic food for free. And you don't have to mow that damn lawn any more. 

You decide to tell everyone you know about the project, creating more opportunity for us to find backyards and get this food revolution off the ground!